Coach Up Your Confidence.

Let your mentors be your guide.

Hear from some of the top experts in various industries and take your confidence to the next level. Each of them were gracious enough to give practical principles on how to carry yourself on your way to success!
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Coach Up Your Confidence.

When you look good you feel good.

But when you are confident, you have a superpower.

Xehar University is a learning platform to help our Xehar Teens become Fashion Fairies, and eventually become one of our fabulous Body Positive Mentors. We gather experts who can teach you how to tap into your superpower of confidence. The Confidence Coursework will help you learn how to use fashion as a tool to develop confidence. You will learn how to build your personal brand, and create a digital presence on social media that you are proud of. What are you waiting for?
When you look good you feel good.

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